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No one, not even bikram fanatics, enjoys these hot and humid New York City weekends. But where can you go for relief? Check out Breathe Inn in the Catskills (about a two hour drive from the city).

The Breathe Inn touts a heated outdoor pool, deluxe sauna and a yoga studio for private use or instructed classes by appointment. Better yet, a full-time chef to prepare organic breakfasts with local ingredients.

Rooms are as reasonable as $150/night!


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I just read today that Namaste New York, a service that provides custom wellness programs to corporations and individuals (including yoga, pilates, personal training and more) is now offering yoga services over the phone. Sounds odd to me as I maintain a home practice without the use of DVDs or CDs let along a yoga instructor on speaker guiding me through a sequence- but to each their own I suppose!

The service isn’t mentioned specifically on their website but they claim to create customized solutions to fit everyone’s needs. So clearly there’s a demand for this service. There was coverage in the NY Daily News by Christina Boyle.

Some New Yorkers have found a new way to get their yoga fix when their lives make it impossible to get to a studio.

“A lot of our clients travel quite a bit, and are often in remote places or where they’re not able to access yoga,” said Julie Wald, who owns Namaste New York


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Photograph USA Today

This is not “new” news but this topic remains relevant. An interesting article from May 2007 in the International Herald Tribune Opinion Section by Suketu Mehta

I grew up watching my father stand on his head every morning. He was doing sirsasana, a yoga pose that accounts for his youthful looks well into his 60s. Now he might have to pay a royalty to an American patent holder if he teaches the secrets of his good health to others.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued 150 yoga-related copyrights, 134 patents on yoga accessories, and 2,315 yoga trademarks. There’s big money in those pretzel twists and contortions – $3 billion a year in America alone. It’s a mystery to most Indians that anybody can make that much money from the teaching of a knowledge that is not supposed to be bought or sold like sausages.

The Indian government is not laughing. It has set up a task force that is cataloging traditional knowledge, including ayurvedic remedies and hundreds of yoga poses, to protect them from being pirated and copyrighted by foreign hucksters. The data will be translated from ancient Sanskrit and Tamil texts, stored digitally, and available in five international languages, so that patent offices in other countries can see that yoga didn’t originate in a San Francisco commune.



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I’ve heard and read a lot of mixed reviews, any Om La La readers want to add their own review of the Wii Fitness Yoga program? I’ve heard about some of its faults and follies around form and function however I think what’s great is that it encourages and guides a home practice- and other thoughts?


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For all of you yogis that are fans of New York’s Prana Power Yoga in our own Union Square, I highly recommend getting yourselves to the Newton studio if you’re ever traveling in the Boston area. With big windows and bright studio colors this space lends itself to bigger classes that are consistently filled and consistently hot. If you are in the area, drop in on Alex Amorosi’s power hour or a full class led by Heather Rems, or Jacqui Bonwell.


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For those of you who know what I do…this story is priceless.


TIJUANA, Mexico (AP) — The rusty fence may divide the beaches of U.S. and Mexico, but it can’t break up a yoga class.

A few dozen yoga aficionados rolled out their mats Sunday on both sides of the wall between Tijuana, Mexico, and San Diego. The international group stretched and meditated together before exchanging hugs through the fence bars.

The session was organized by the Border Meetup Group, which promotes cross-border understanding by staging social events on the divided beach.

Coordinator Dan Watman said the group aims “to make friends across cultural, political, societal, even emotional barriers.”

The Tijuana beach is a popular destination for families who come to chat through the fence with loved ones on the other side.

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Every time I go to YogaWorks I end up at the studio a bit early and find myself browsing through their store. They carry everything from towels, bags, blocks, jewelry, books, dvds and clothes: Hardtail, Beyond Yoga, Be Present, Om Girl, Splendid, and Prana . And if that wasn’t enough they’ve recently launched their own line of YogaWorks yoga gear (much of it 100% organic). Generally, as all yoga clothes go, the line is not cheap. Now, I wonder what this means for the studio’s appeal/karma.

YogaWorks has become more sleek and dare I say “corporate” over the past few years with new branding and store expansion. This lands them far from the friendly neighborhood studio – you know the one that lets you slide for a free water bottle now and again.

In fact, it all hit home for me when I was told that despite the fact that I’ve enrolled in their 6 month teacher training program (also not cheap), it will cost me $35 to store my mat for 6 months or $60 for the year. Room saving, or money making? I’m on the fence about this business.


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