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Located on the noisy and congested 9th Avenue (at 51st) is Sonic Yoga. I attended a few of Sonic’s classes last year and recently revisited to remind myself of what this place was all about. Sonic is known most for the community its built. In fact it dubs itself “Yoga for the people.” I would have to agree with this statement- they’ve succeeded in creating a sense of home within their studio walls. While you wait for the studio to empty and the next class to begin you have the option of sitting on an inviting day bed or cross legged on the floor where you’ll find the majority of the people. Like most New York studios the space is small. However their are windows in the actual studio itself which I’ve always been a big fan of. All classes feature great music a tough sell with some but in this space it seems to work.

OK on to the real stuff. As for the yoga, the classes are called either Flow 1 or Flow 2. The “Flow” is quite accurate. Classes generally have a very smooth and graceful sequence to them. At some points you almost feel as if you’re dancing. However, in my opinion you cannot distinguish between a level 1 and 2. At Sonic, like most studios, the instructors are more concerned with modifying poses to fit the needs of the less advanced and ignoring those who are willing to push forward.

While it may seem like a tough location it is conveniently within walking distance from the CE, the NRWQ and the 1. And they do have a great special going on – Become a new monthly-member anytime this month and lock in your first 90-days of yoga for $180! Not to mention year round 10% discount for anyone in the Actor’s Union. Oh yes, and back to the community factor- they offer community classes at least a couple times a week at 1/2 price.


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