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I just read today that Namaste New York, a service that provides custom wellness programs to corporations and individuals (including yoga, pilates, personal training and more) is now offering yoga services over the phone. Sounds odd to me as I maintain a home practice without the use of DVDs or CDs let along a yoga instructor on speaker guiding me through a sequence- but to each their own I suppose!

The service isn’t mentioned specifically on their website but they claim to create customized solutions to fit everyone’s needs. So clearly there’s a demand for this service. There was coverage in the NY Daily News by Christina Boyle.

Some New Yorkers have found a new way to get their yoga fix when their lives make it impossible to get to a studio.

“A lot of our clients travel quite a bit, and are often in remote places or where they’re not able to access yoga,” said Julie Wald, who owns Namaste New York


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