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If you’re down with doing 108 Sun Salutes, this might be an for you.  In 2007, Shiva Rea helped start this worldwide yoga event to help raise consciousness for peace and the key environmental issue of global warming.

On Sunday, September 21st on the Boston Common and at the Cyclorama, the Boston area yoga community will gather for a day of yoga practices to bring awareness and raise consciousness for PEACE and MOTHER EARTH.

The date of September 21st is also significant because it is the UN International Peace Day. Last year, there were over 400 Global Mala events in 35 countries.

There are many ways to be involved. By participating in the Yoga Mala in the morning or afternoon, you can dedicate your practice of 108 Sun Salutations for peace and any other important intention. In the evening, you can listen and be inspired by Lama Surya Das and then chant in a kirtan led by David Newman, an amazing kirtan wallah from Philadelphia.

A silent, meditative yoga mala at the Boston Common led by:

  • Daniel Orlansky
  • Glen Cunningham (Sadhana Studios)
  • Amy Leydon (Sportsclub-LA/Boston)
  • Kim Valeri (Yoga Spirit Studios)

Kirtan with Prajna

Yoga Mala with music and chanting in many yoga traditions (teaching order to be determined)

  • Lynne Begier (Forrest Yoga, Back Bay Yoga)
  • Jarvis Chen (Iyengar)
  • Richard Lanza (Power Yoga, Open Doors)
  • Chanel Luck and Roberto Lim (Prana Flow)
  • Deb Neubauer (Anusara, Anahata Yoga Center)
  • Kate O’Donnell (Ashtanga, Back Bay Yoga)
  • David Vendetti (Vinyasa, South Boston Yoga)
  • Taylor Wells (Power Yoga, Prana Power Yoga)

Meditation (1/4 cycle of 27 minutes) Led by Ek Ong Kar Singh


Visit Global Boston Mala to learn more!


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Photo by Grant M. Haller

Photo by Grant M. Haller

Looking for a yoga class you and a friend can enjoy together?  If you REALLY trust your friend…this might be for you!

Kimberly Chou reports today on www.seattlepi.com about a somewhat surprising yoga offer – a practice that combines yoga, acrobatics and Thai massage.

Postures involve two or more people, with one grounded partner (“the base”) supporting the other (“the flier”) in the air, and a spotter for more challenging positions. In one posture, the base lies on his back with his feet together up in the air; the flier balances his hips on top of the base’s feet as his hands reach back for his ankles, pulling up into dhanurasana, or “bow.”

Some Seattle studios that have these classes:

  • Samadhi Yoga, 1205 E. Pike St.; 206-329-4070
  • Acro Yoga Seattle (private instruction); 206-371-2870
  • Om Yoga, 15230 N.E. 24th St., Redmond; 425-587-1547
  • To learn more about Acro Yoga, find classes in your region or perhaps a retreat, a good source is AcroYoga at http://www.acroyoga.org/.


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