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I’ll keep my cynical mouth shut on this one and open it up to you all. Acro Yoga is building in popularity but I haven’t had any desire to try it out. In general I shy away from any sort of partnering exercises instructors try and make you do in class. I think it’s 1) awkward (especially if you’re stuck in a male/female pair and you’re sweaty) and 2) potentially dangerous.  You can’t just go around having people in public classes who have no hands on experience start lying all over other students in class…  However, in light of Valentine’s day I’ve noticed a lot of promos for partner yoga. Romantic…I think not…but maybe for some?

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My new favorite class in Boston is actually at the Prana Power Yoga studio in Cambridge (Central Square). It’s convenient (right in front of the Central Square T-stop) and it’s a Sunday afternoon class.  What better way to wind down your weekend.  It’s the 4:30-6P class taught by Gretchen. Her class had great rythm and flow and was just hard enough to make you sweat but leave you energized.  The class fills up early so I suggest grabbing your spot well before the 4:30 start time.  The nice part is that it’s held in the larger of their two rooms – the other is quite small and clostrophobic. Check her out!

The other reco I have for Sunday’s is Glen’s 2-hr Sadhana class at the Sadhana studio in the South End. Not as warm and not as hard. Generally the same class weekly.  Glen has quite the following so the same goes for this class- get there early.  Class runs 4-6P.  The 2 hours goes by quickly but know that the last 15-20 min is a savasana/seated-meditation.  I’m not a fan of meditating after savasana. I generally find myself wanting to lay right back down and take a nap.  Still a great class I highly recommend.


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All poses can be adjusted to fit all levels and all bodies if modified properly, here’s just a few to get you started:

• Urdhva Dhanurasana

  • For those who lack extension in their arms they can support either their hands or feet on a pair of blocks that are braced against a wall at an angle.

• Urdhva Mukha Svanasana

  • For those who lack the strength in their legs to suspend their legs above their mat, place a rolled up blanket underneath their upper thighs.

• Tadasana

  • For those with issues with balance and stability, they can stand with their feet at hips distance.

• Sirsasana

  • For those working on balance, take the pose in a corner of a room so that the right-angled walls support elbows shoulders hips and ankles.

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