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So I’ve recently decided to actually apply for the RYT (registered mark) — so that I’m super official. I did some research and found that Yoga Alliance seems to be the only nationally recognized registrar for instructors and schools.

And yet, (understanding they’re non-profit), the organization has proved to be unhelpful and unprofessional. I’ve tried to follow up on my application — by calling (no one answers), by e-mailing (no one responds), and even asking others (no one I’ve found has had a good experience).

So what’s the deal? Not only have I failed to get a human being on the phone for the past 2 weeks, but even when I try and leave a voicemail the mailbox is “full.” To top it off – I had to fax in my application – they should have integrated paypal into their site ages ago!

Their board of directors literally says “we’re here to serve you” — so, hello, is anyone out there?

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My new favorite class has to be Friday Night Flow at Sadhana with instructor Ame. The class is 7:30-9PM every Friday night.  I’ve only been a few times now but the class is always full. What’s great is there’s definitely a crowd that you can tell is there each week but there’s always new faces mixed in too.

Ame starts each class by saying “I’m not here to teach you what you’re doing right or wrong — I’m here to make sure you have fun.” — or something more or less to the extent. She follows this by saying “The music is meant to be loud – if you can’t hear me, it doesn’t matter.”  I have to say, she sets the right tone to end the week and sweat out all the bad stuff.

So the music is loud  (she takes requests), the studio stays relatively dim and Ame pretty much lets you do your thing. Every class has a free-style 10 minutes where you can do whatever moves you — even if that means breaking into dance. In fact, sometimes class turn into a full fledged dance party – that is if everyone agrees not to look around the studio too much (you know so no one’s embarrassed). And even better, the last 30-40 min of class are super mellow so you leave fully relaxed and ready for the weekend.

All in all I say very much worth a try — if you like to shake your butt in Utkatasana, check it out.

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