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Big Announcement!

Om La La is holding our first retreat this fall and we want you to join us!

Here is the lowdown:

November 7-9 at the Porches Inn in the Berkshires

Expect a lot of fun, some hard, sweaty practices to banging music, healthful, vegetarian food, a fun mix of people, and a chill way to wind down from your week!  You don’t need to take off time from work, transportation is easy, and the fall foliage will be out in full force!

Check out our site omlalayoga.com to check out the itinerary, our philosophy, and details regarding the trip!  More details will follow, but we want to see who’s interested, so please, send us a note to let us know if you want in!

-Britt & Eliza

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Pardonez-moi mom and dad for the following:

There is no doubt that there is a link between yoga and sex.  Do yoga and you get a hot bod, you’re bendy-flexy, you understand your body… all good things.  And practicing can be quite sultry- a hot, dark room with pretty strangers, great music, yoga ass (for anyone who watches Weeds).  Some- ahem, not I, but another one of the writers for this site (to remain un-named), even met her significant other in class.  And how many times ladies, when you mention you do yoga to a guy, do they respond, “Cooool.  Does that like mean you can put your leg behind your head?”  Why, yes jerk, I can, and the entire reason I started practicing is so that on the day I met you, I could put my legs behind my head.

I remember when I first made this connection.  A little after I had first started practicing (I must have been 14 or 15), I was in class with a friend, who was a year older and ions beyond me in maturity.  I’ve wrote about Johnny Kest before, the super cute yoga teacher from Michigan, with the millions of admirers.  After his class, my friend and I were talking, and she said to me, you know, the only reason all these women come to class is so that someone will touch them.  They are totally sexually frustrated with their pudgy suburban husbands, so they come to class to get straddled by Johnny.  This, at 14 years old or whatever, had not ever crossed my mind.  But she was and is quite right…  Dude…cute male yoga teachers…they clean up.

Some people swear by tantric yoga- Sting has been a huge proponent.  For those unfamiliar with the idea, the point of tantric sex is that you (the man from what I’ve heard, but I guess it would work for females as well), withhold from uh- finishing, in order to store energy.  So like Sting has sex for hours and hours on end (poor Trudie).  Personally, does not appeal to me.

So the reason why I am writing about this today is that I just finished a class where the woman in front of me moaned throughout the ENTIRE class…like every down dog, every deep exhale, was an, “Aaaahhhhh, mmmmmm.”  Way sexual.  Way loud.  And I thought to myself, ya, yoga feels good, but like not orgasm moaning good.  And I questioned myself, am I doing yoga wrong that I am not deriving such pleasure?  I, who has the sense of humor of a 12-year-old boy, was of course in hysterics for the majority of class.  So my conclusion is this.  Yes- yoga can be a good substitute for sex when you are choosing or being forced into celibacy.  But no matter how good the class, how good the teacher, how good the stretch- it’s not as good as sex.


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So Miss Liza is out camping in the woods with her family for the weekend (meditating on a rock somewhere I’m sure) and has no access to internet.  What does this mean to you, my down dog loving friends?  Well it means I’m hijacking the blog for the weekend and writing about whatever I want!  For those of you who read my posts, you know I rely on very loose associations between whatever I talk about and yoga…Liza usually then goes in, cleans up my language, takes out the nasty things I say, etc.  But, fellow yogis and yoginis…not this weekend!  So I will start my rants with something I just saw on Huffington.  It’s actually not been all that hot in New York this summer, with the exception of a few days- I’ve tried to conserve by only turning on my air-conditioning when necessary.  I also have this weird thing where I’m convinced that air-conditioning makes you sick, is responsible for bad moods, could give you cancer, and will eventually kill you.  Alright, so maybe not, but it most definitely is a luxury that we really don’t need and is baaaad for the environment.  But whatever, I use it sometimes too.  However, as anyone who has walked around Soho with me this summer knows, I find it AWFUL, HORRIBLE, ENVIRONMENTALLY IRRESPONSIBLE and DISGRACEFUL for stores to blast air-conditioning and leave their doors open.  I get the technique they are using and it sucks balls.  That’s right camping Liza, it sucks balls.  So imagine the pleasure I felt today when I saw the following:

“The [New York] City Council is expected to pass legislation on Thursday that would impose fines on stores that leave their doors wide open with the air-conditioning on.

Councilwoman Gale A. Brewer, a Manhattan Democrat who is co-sponsoring the bill, said she gets a lot of mail from residents complaining about these stores. She said electronics stores are the biggest offenders, though there are plenty of other shops on Fifth Avenue, 34th Street and other popular areas that keep their doors open.

“I’m calling it the Clyde Haberman bill,” she said, a reference to the NYC columnist for The New York Times, who has written about the topic on several occasions.

Ms. Brewer and 18 other council members signed on to the bill, which would affect any business with at least 4,000 square feet, or small stores that are part of a chain with five or more stores in the city. The Department of Consumer Affairs would issue a warning to first-time offenders who kept their exterior doors open while an air-conditioning system intended to cool the area was in use.

Stores would be fined $200 for a second offense and $400 for subsequent violations within an 18-month period.”

HA!!!!!  Take that!!!  Karma, my friends, karma.  Read the whole article on NYTimes.com


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So this is a bit of a personal post- but I think it might have some value as I think a lot of people are dealing with the same issues.

I full on BATTLE with my weight. I gain it very, very easily and unfortunately like to eat and have no self control. Granted, I’m not overweight and I work out every single day of my life, I take the stairs, I walk places whenever possible- but regardless…I’m no skinny New Yorker.

I’m a pescetarian…I eat fish, but you won’t really ever see me eating chicken and will never see me eat red meat or pork. I hate when yoga teachers preach about eating habits- I don’t think that’s their place. I was once in a class right before Thanksgiving where the teacher said, “You know how people wish each other ‘Happy Turkey Day’? WELL- it most certainly is NOT a happy day for the turkey.” I thought it was a bit much. But the other part of yoga is being conscious and part of that is eating consciously as well and I acknowledge that- its something I wish I was better at. And in my own heart, I know that eating locally and mostly vegetarian is better for the planet, which is part of why I eat the way I do now as well.

So I’ve done the juice cleanse thing twice before (Liza posted one that Prana is holding below). Blueprint Juice Cleanse is a great service if you want to try it- they deliver everything you need, all your juices, aren’t crazy expensive, have different levels for cleansing, and their juice tastes good! I’ve always done the 3 day cleanse, but you can do shorter or longer if you want. I’ve done the first and second levels, which aren’t THAT much different, although the first one has less “green” drinks so it tastes a little better. The thing with Blueprint is that although you aren’t chewing food, you are still consuming a fair amount of calories, so you never are hungry or anything like that. In fact, you drink 6 different juices throughout the day with tea and water inbetween, so you are constantly sipping something. Ya you do lose a little weight, but more importantly you give your body a break and are only putting really pure nutrients in your body, so you feel good at the end of your cleanse.

I’ve also tried the raw vegan thing…so raw fruits, veggies and nuts. I lasted about 3 or 4 days on this and did not feel good…will not go into details, but my body did not dig it. You’re eating harsh food to a certain extent…natural yes, but things your body still needs to really break down. Plus I think I relied on nuts too much…maybe it needs to be tried again.

SO! In an attempt to once again get back to being healthy, maybe lose a couple pounds (I’m changing lots of things in my life-might as well add another one on the list), I’m going to try to eat consciously. What does that mean? I’m laying off the sugar, going light on breads and pastas- and when I do eat them, they need to be whole grain (which I already do already) and small portions, and I’m going light on dairy…that means cutting back on my Greek yogurt addiction.

A person who is new to yoga asked my advice on getting into practicing. The good and bad thing about yoga is that is makes us hyper-aware of our bodies. You feel everything and if you didn’t notice the extra couple pounds you may have put on, you will when you twist, when you stand, when you whatever. And sadly, I know that when I am a skinny binny, yoga is a whole lot easier to do. Think about the weight that is in your arms in a handstand…if you’re five pounds heavier than you were a year ago, believe me you, your arms will feel that! So this girl that was asking me advice and telling me about her experiences is a little overweight, and I know, from experience, that sucks. So- I don’t know what I’m saying- I don’t think that we as yogis should obsess over every pound, but we should be aware of what we put into our bodies. I’m trying to and will continue to falter (I love me some baaaaad for you candy), but maybe, just maybe, will try to think of side crow with a belly when I’m going for the 3rd bowl of cereal. 😉


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Photo of Estelle by Sara Krulwich/The New York Times

The New York Times featured a great article back in July on 8o-year-old Oscar winning Estelle Parsons– currently starring in the Broadway show “August: Osage County”  in the role of Violet Weston attributes her fitness to hiking, swimming and her 30 years of yoga practice.

“…she does yoga in her dressing room and at home whenever she gets a few minutes.”

Find the article here and be inspired: The Role is a Workout, but She’s Fit

by David Belcher


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Sorry, we’re not talking iPhones here- different Apple. But still something to get psyched about! I just visited the Big Apply Power Yoga studio website because of the article I read mentioned below and found a really great deal:

New members can get a one-month unlimited pass for just $60! A whole month for the price of 3 classes. I wouldn’t pass this up.

Their regular monthly unlimited is $200/month but also includes free washing of your yogitoes, 1 free towel per class, free mat storage, 10% off retail the day of purchase and 10% off all workshops during the months of your pass.

Downside…only 3 classes a day – no AM classes.

Located at 320 West 37th Street, Suite 10D (Between 8th & 9th Ave). Closest subway seems to be 34th Street ACE.


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Jen Murphey of the Wall Street Journal Online writes a regular column called What’s Your Workout?  Today’s article features a New York City Exec’s love affair with Baptiste Yoga and Big Apple Power Yoga Studio in Midtown.  Check it out, Staying Sane and in Shape Thanks to a Strict Yoga Regime.  You can also join Murphey’s WSJ Forum Finding the Right Exercise and discuss your own workout.


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