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After a full 5 days of classes at the Center for Yoga, one post just isn’t enough to explain the insanity that goes on within the walls of “serenity” and “peace”. By the way, the no-named, Johnny wannabe teacher I previously referred to is Aaron Fenton. I ended up practicing with him 3 days in a row- impressively he had a different sequence each day, which is rare. Especially in New York I feel that many instructors create a series and tend to not stray from it for a week or two, which can get quite boring for regular practitioners. The highlight of Aaron’s classes was when he put on “Lollipop” by Lil Wayne to pump up the class for a round of intense abs. Although I admit the impeccably toned and polished suburban housewives that attend Center for Yoga at 9:45 each day are quite hip for the Midwest late 30s, early 40s set, I couldn’t help but be entertained by the ridiculousness of this song in this particular situation. Though frankly, Aaron can get away with pretty much anything in my book- I have a weakness for cute, well-dressed boys.

Fortunately for me, Johnny returned from his trip (Ojai, CA I believe?) for my last class on Friday morning before I came back to New York. Before I go any farther, I must say, I know that non-judgement is a goal that yoga is supposed to help facilitate. I realize this and am working on it, but let’s just say I’m not quite there yet 🙂

Truth be told, Johnny teaches a great class. As I mentioned before, the Center for Yoga doesn’t separate standing sequences from the floor portion, instead they integrate everything into a sequence that is built upon from a simple sun salutation. On this particular day everything from half moon, to boat pose, to tripod headstand was a part of the same series. It’s hard, but great because the really allow you to pick and choose what you want to do. Why does no one in New York do this??? Michigan yoga is kicking New York yoga’s ass! In a totally friendly, cosmic karmic way of course.

How can you not love a class that starts out with the Cheers theme song??? Apparently Johnny’s time away sparked a need to come back to a place “where everybody knows your name”. Johnny definitely puts on a bit of a show during class- back in the day there was no bouncing around or random rants during class, he was always a bit subdued and sort of floated around the room making corrections or giving massages here or there. He emits a huge amount of energy, which is great, but makes him the center of attention to an entirely different degree. At some point Johnny tried to quote “either Churchill or Krishna” by citing “war will only end when there are no more slaughterhouses”. I’ve googled and googled and can’t find any such quote- the only think I can think of is maybe some sort of Vonnegut reference. Later he class he went on to say that “the people that work in slaughterhouses need to realize what they are contributing to”, which if you know ANYTHING about the slaughterhouse workforce, is a totally ludicrous thing to say- but I’ll keep my politics on that to myself for today. He also discussed the beauty of how woman can start to be on the same “moon cycle”, which bleeeechhh, some things men just don’t need to comment on. Of course we ended class with another round of the Cheers theme song, however this time we were asked to sing along while holding hands with our neighbor. Nothing like a little bit of crazy before 11am in southeastern Michigan 😉


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