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Yoga has an incredible power to transform and heal the body- however, one of the first realizations I had in training is that everyone comes to the mat with a body that is suffering from some kind of ailment.  Part of our goal as (soon to be) instructors is to help practitioners ease suffering (on a physical and metaphysical level).  While this may be a goal, it is certainly our responsibility first and foremost to ensure we’re not allowing practitioners to exacerbate their existing ailments! What many yogis fail to realize is that many problems can arise from bad habits in yoga.  Over time, bad or lazy habits (including zoning out during instruction- let’s be honest, we’re all guilty here) can over time turn into a repetitive stress injury.  And so, lesson numero uno,  all practitioners should examine their practice with the intention to practice as safely as possible.  I myself know that it is often in the pose that we are given instruction or are paying the most attention to our alignment.  However it’s usually when we are transitioning from pose to pose that injuries occur.

And on a side note, many of our transitions are what build strength.  So if we are carelessly rushing through chaturanga or in hopping to the front of the mat we’re cheating ourselves of chiseled abs and flab-less arms!


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