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What’s the deal with Karma?  A reader just sent me a quote with that was once shared in my teacher training that I thought expressed Karma quite nicely,

Watch your thoughts, they become your words;

Watch your words, they become your actions;

Watch you actions, they become you habits;

Watch your habits, they become your character;

Watch your character, it becomes your destiny



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All classes at YogaWorks Westside are free on Saturday, June 14th! That includes yoga and pilates! In exchange they’re asking yogis to make a donation of any denomination (as little as 5 cents) and 100% of proceeds from all classes will go to New York Cares. + Free Steve Ross Workshop available only to current YogaWorks members from 7-8. And the Steve Ross workshops 1x $40 or 2x for $75 are still on this weekend as well. See you all there!


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