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I discovered April Martucci at YogaWorks Westside a few years back and while I do not take her class anymore, to this day she is still one of my favorite yoga instructors.

There’s something I can’t quite put my finger on about April’s manner that makes her feel very authentic to me – and I think we can all agree that authenticity is certainly a welcome surprise here in New York.

As I remember, she began each class with a lighthearted chant and then moved us right into a flowing vinyasa sequence to music (everything from conventional yoga tunes to the Beatles!) She encouraged us to maintain the pace of our practice and ignore our desire to disrupt it by wiping sweat from our face or drinking water.   All in all it was always a focused class that went by very quickly! Towards the end, she usually gave an insightful monologue as we were cooling down but somehow they were never banal, preachy or overly sentimental.

She has since moved studios and teaches at Reebok Sports Club (UWS) and Life in Motion (Brooklyn).


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