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Every time I go to YogaWorks I end up at the studio a bit early and find myself browsing through their store. They carry everything from towels, bags, blocks, jewelry, books, dvds and clothes: Hardtail, Beyond Yoga, Be Present, Om Girl, Splendid, and Prana . And if that wasn’t enough they’ve recently launched their own line of YogaWorks yoga gear (much of it 100% organic). Generally, as all yoga clothes go, the line is not cheap. Now, I wonder what this means for the studio’s appeal/karma.

YogaWorks has become more sleek and dare I say “corporate” over the past few years with new branding and store expansion. This lands them far from the friendly neighborhood studio – you know the one that lets you slide for a free water bottle now and again.

In fact, it all hit home for me when I was told that despite the fact that I’ve enrolled in their 6 month teacher training program (also not cheap), it will cost me $35 to store my mat for 6 months or $60 for the year. Room saving, or money making? I’m on the fence about this business.


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