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So I know I said that every Monday I’d post some awe-inspiring quote that somehow relates to yoga.  Right.  Well I did that for a couple of weeks and even I’m bored with it.  Not to mention there exist some hundreds of sites dedicated to dumping, no sorry, allocating, these inspirational, motivational, blah blah quotes on life, love and yes, even yoga.  I still stand behind the idea of doing something on a weekly basis so the Om La La readers have something to look forward to come Mondays when they’re stuck behind their computers at work and have already visited facebook twice and read their daily candys.  Oh and how about the fact that I can’t follow Britt’s weekend of blog debauchery with some serious quote from the Bhagavad Gita. You can’t follow yoga sex moaning with sacred text. Instead I think we’ll try a new Monday mission-

“Things you cannot/should not do in a yoga class”  per Britt’s yoga moaning experience.

Let’s be clear this is for our amusement and your education only.  No one wants to build up bad karma here.  We’d just like to offer some insight into behavioral dos and don’t of yoga.  And yes, I do recognize that yoga is a place of non-judgement.  That’s what I love about it!  But honestly folks, you think it’s funny too when the woman next to you is having a “When Harry Met Sally” moment right on her mat.  So stay tuned for a new tradition come Monday.


And, p.s. to Britt, camping was glorious.  I brought my mat.  And never thought for a moment that you’d run amuck on the blog.  My hat off to you for keeing us all entertained while I was away.  How in the hell am I supposed to categorize your rants?

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Monday Yoga Quote

Yoga is the cessation of the mind’s distractions.

-1.2 of the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali

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Oops!  I’ve let you down already… where has the week gone?? It’s Wednesday and I never posted a Monday Yoga Quote. Apologies to all.  Hope this makes up for lost time.

Yoga exists in the world because everything is linked.



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