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Shiva Shakti Yoga in Northampton, MA

Shiva Shakti is one of my new favorite hot power vinyasa studios. It is a much needed, happy addition to downtown, Northampton, Massachusetts. It used to be that when I went home to visit my parents I suffered from the yoga void. I tried a few studios but never found anything close to what was being offered in New York. Shiva Shakti, recently opened on Strong Avenue, certainly fills this void. Brandon is the primary instructor. He comes from Boston (accent and all) and has extensive training under Baron Baptiste. Brandon brings charm and attitude to all of his classes. When you think you can’t hold a pose any longer he tells you to breathe deeper, and keep it up- and you just can’t help but do what he says. Finally, a place where you feel empowered to leave that stodgy old comfort zone you’ve been clinging to for so long!


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