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Time and time again people tell me that they wish they could practice at home but that they’re just not sure what to do. Personally I’m not a fan of yoga DVD’s but I would recommend them to beginners who are not as familiar with the principals of sequencing or how a public studio class is usually run. As for more intermediate practitioners who just need a little guidance, Yoga Journal has a great tool that allows you to build a sequence in a very easy -drag and drop- manner online. Poses are organized by level and again by category (e.g. backbends). Poses are listed with an accompanying photo (both in English and Sanskrit). You can arrange, save, share or print these sequences to refer back to before or even during a practice. As you get more comfortable manipulating the order of these virtual flashcards I think you’ll see how easy it can be to begin an at home practice- with or without the added assistance.

Link: Yoga Journal Sequence Builder. Enjoy!


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