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Hi all Om La La readers,

I just received this note and thought it was an interesting concept.  Apparently there is a website where people write in describing their dream assignment (photography related).  Then, people get to vote on what sounds like the best idea and the winner gets $50,000 to make it happen. It’s a promotional/marketing contest put on by Microsoft/Lenovo which apparently is some laptop that’s good for photographers (the winner gets one of those too plus a camera) — pretty cool for Microsoft I guess.

Anyways — I had someone write in asking for help from the public to vote for her dream job and anted to pass on the info in case you were interested in voting for her.  Honestly, it sounds pretty cool!

Erica McDonald wrote in and asked,   “All AMMA friends..I need your help now (till April 3) get votes for my proposed photo project Amma The Hugging Saint: Her Service to the World: Humanitarian Activities that Bring Hope & Peace.

With funding, I will create a photo-narrative about individuals in India and around the world who benefit from Amma’s humanitarian activities, bringing more awareness to the possibility of a selfless life. The 20 projects with the most votes are reviewed, and one will win $50,000 to carry out their dream photo project.

To read more and VOTE: (click here)

If you don’t vote for Erica, there are tons of other very cool proposals up and I’m sure every one of them would appreciate a vote. Who knows, maybe you’ll post an idea of your own.


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