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I took another one of Julia’s classes this evening at Prana Power Yoga in Union Square. Another tough class- this time a faster paced sequence. She did not let up despite the intense heat wave we’re experiencing. The class was wonderful and the intensity level with the heat was exciting and energizing. Julia often speaks of how hard it can be to get to your mat, but once you’re on it you feel like you’re home. Today was certainly a hard day to take the mat but I was so happy once I was on it and sweating buckets.

However, a word of caution when it comes to working out in high levels of heat and humidity…made sure you stay hydrated + add an extra dash of salt to your diet for replenishment. I urge everyone out there who is exercising at their usual rate of intensity in this heat wave to take into consideration a few tips and tricks:

1. Drink up! (Water that is)… smart water is great for that added electrolyte replenishment.

2. Eat smaller meals more frequently- you may feel as if you’re less hungry in high temperatures but your body still needs the energy. Fruit is great because it helps with the hydration.

3. Wear breathable, loose cotton clothing.

4. Wear sunscreen if you’re practicing outdoors.

5. Consider moving your workout earlier or later to catch cooler parts of the day.

6. Consider the amount of work you did the day before- your body may need extra time to recover from workouts in extreme temperatures.

7. If you’re taking medication talk to a doctor as some may affect you differently in the heat (e.g. cause you to dehydrate faster.)

8. Most importantly, listen to your body. Take a break if you need one or ease up if you have to- no reason to force a breakthrough on a particularly hot day if it means risking injury or illness!

…the one great thing about hot yoga in the hot summer is there’s no need to acclimate. It’s usually just as hot outside as it is inside the studio!

Happy, healthy yoga everyone!


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