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Rebecca Balfe is the new(ish) manager at the New York Prana Power Yoga studio- probably the studio I frequent most often. For any of you Om La La Yoga readers who have also been frequenting the studio you all remember when it was Molly Powers’ and Rolf Gates manning the helm. Now, I’ll keep my comments about Rolf Gates to myself because personally I think he’s full of…well something. In fact, I’ll keep mum on this one because I honestly do respect his cult-like following (although the following is perhaps part of the reason I have a distaste for him).

Okay, I digressed. My point was this: Molly really ran the show, and a show it was. Molly Powers is a Boston native with the accent to boot. She is bubbly to say the least…all personality. You really never got bored in her class and she taught a good one. (Molly is now manager of the newest Prana Power Yoga in Winchester). When Molly left, Rebecca took the reigns. Now, Rebecca has been mentored by Rolf and by Ana Forrest but when she first started her class was essentially “Rolf Lite.” A lot of the same routine, a lot of the same words even. One of my main criticisms of the Prana Power Yoga in New York is that the teachers generally don’t bring much personality to the mat. And lets be honest, if you’re not going to be engaging, energizing or anything at all, at least turn on some music! All in all, I was pretty discouraged at first.

HOWEVER, (a big however) as of recently I believe Rebecca’s really come into her own. I’ve taken her class a few times in the past week and she has been leading a much more dynamic and challenging class. She is also calls out a lot of options to allow the students to curate their own flow a bit (which I love!).

So, cheers to you Rebecca for coming out from under Rolf’s shadow! I really mean that in the best way possible. And for all of you Rolf Gates fans- all the power to you.


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