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I’ve been overwhelmed with the onslaught of diet and exercise talk leading up to this summer. (Perhaps I should just turn off the Today Show in the morning…) But really, how much of this are we supposed to take! It’s enough to have to put up with around New Years- must we put up with it now as well? Every time I turn on the TV or pick up a magazine it’s all about tips and tricks from the nations top nutritionists – day in and day out – from May through July (Lets be honest, by August most people are waiting to throw on those sweatshirts and baggy pants again!)

Here’s an idea- instead of banning soda and sugary drinks, banning French fries and hot dogs, banning hamburger buns and all foods quintessential to the American summer- why not celebrate food! Summer is here, which means fresh fruit and vegetables (yum, corn, peaches, summer squash, melon, strawberries…)!

Maybe if we focused on how yummy summer food can be people would focus less on the burgers and potato salad and fill up on fruits and grilled veggies instead. Why not right, this diet thing sounds suck-y and the last thing I want is to feel guilty all summer for downing that chipwhich (which by the way is just sooooo worth it!)

So – summary is this- keep on yoga-ing, fill up on the tasty treats of summer (fruits and veg that is) and you’ll be so happy you’ll rarely hanker for the burger with fries. And if you do, it’s O-K. Go for it!

Find some great recipes from Food Network ‘s Farm Stand Produce: seasonal recipes for this summer’s bounty. And then get yourself to one of the city’s green markets to buy fresh and buy local


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Laughing Lotus often holds rooftop classes- I’ve checked their website and this Monday’s class is sold out. Visit their site for more information

Printing House Fitness Club on Hudson in the West Village- starting in June, they offer rooftop yoga, rooftop abs, and rooftop aqua-circuit.

Every Wednesday evening on the Riverside Plaza at 66th & Hudson River, free outdoor yoga classes at 6:30 p.m. from June 11 to Sept. 24. Call (212) 408-0219. Bring your own mat!

Bryant Park has free yoga on the Upper Terrace- instructors provided by Lululemon Athletica– all level of yogis.

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