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A while back I mentioned that I had to write an essay for my teacher training class–

“What is yoga?”

I also told you that I’d share my response with the Om La La crowd.

Well, it’s a work in progress but I’m all for sharing in the midst of my editorial exploration and would love the feedback. Now, now– don’t be shy. We both know that you’re a curious, opinionated and yoga-minded folk– otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. So please, leave your insights, ideas, critiques and complements here!

After all, that’s what makes a blog a blog right!?


What is yoga? Take 1:

Yoga is a personal experience– it’s different for everyone. For me, yoga is ardha chandrasana (half moon) – at once an exercise in balance, strength, coordination, breath, focus and opening up. When I am in ardha chandrasana my mind is elated but still – at the intersection of calm and energetic. As many of us know “yoga” is often translated as “unite” – and that’s exactly what it stands for.

Yoga is both poise and patience. It is care and respect for yourself and for others. Yoga is finding your edge. Yoga is being open minded and accepting. Yoga is challenging and awe inspiring. It is commitment and down right determination and perseverance.

Yoga at its core is your teacher- a lifelong practice, a relationship you nurture and grow.

And finally, yoga is not taking yourself too seriously, having fun, and most importantly, letting go!

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What is yoga?

As part of my first assignment before my teacher training program begins, I have been asked to write an essay on what yoga is – without the use of books or other resources. I will post my response, or parts of it, once I actually write it. I think it’s an interesting question and was wondering if any of you readers wanted to share your thoughts? I promise- no plagiarism- this is a very subjective and personal subject matter.


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