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I’ve recently been thinking about the qualities people look for in a yoga instructor- what is the criteria for judgment?  Is it fair to judge at all? It’s been on my mind because I have been looking to enroll in my first teacher training program. One of the questions that appears often in training program applications is this particular one. My reply goes something like this:

“In my opinion I think a good yoga instructor epitomizes balance- in all areas of yoga practice as well as in life a good instructor should explore and test boundaries without overstepping them. An instructor should be knowledgeable without arrogance- she should be a good listener, optimistic and open to new ideas, dedicated to her ambitions, dedicated to help others reach their own ambitions, and importantly, patient with herself and with others.”

Off-line, I would add another quality: a good personality. Now while I won’t mention this in my application, in my opinion it is a very important aspect of any instructor. The reason I left it out is because personality compatibility is so subjective. However, that being said, captain obvious would point out that your relationship with your instructor is like any other relationship, it’s interpersonal. So more often than not, the appeal of an instructor rests on his/her personality. Not only because you inevitably relate to this person off the mat but also because the class itself will be a reflection of the instructor. To add to this, I also find that I enjoy class more if the teacher shows a bit of personality. I find that I like the instructor more if she is personable, casual and conversational throughout class- rather than a dictator poses and prose.


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