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A great article posted just now on the Huffington Post by Simran Sethi and Sarah Smarsh: Life Cycle: This Yoga is Healthy? Not on a PVC Mat.

“The majority of yoga mats are manufactured in Taiwan and made of poly-vinyl chloride, or PVC. PVC makes a great mat due to its grip, durability and price point. But, unfortunately, there is no safe way to create, use or destroy these mats.”

Check back to my post My favorite yoga mats to find some great green options!

-Eliza & Britt

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A few recommendations, Harmony yoga mats and Natural Fitness yoga mats- please go natural, there’s simply no reason not to use environmentally-friendly mats when so many good ones exist. And of course there’s Yogitoes Skidless Yoga Mat Towels- take ’em or leave ’em. I don’t personally use them but I know some heavy sweaters who swear by them. Not a bad thing to own even if you only use occasionally.


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