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Jaime Epstein, this week’s writer of the On Language column for the New York Times (who also happens to be a certified instructor at Jivamukti in Manhattan), wrote a very fun and funny article on the language of yoga-Namaste– published in the New York Times Magazine this weekend.

‘At the beginning of class, we stood at the front of our mats and let out a long, dirgelike moan,” the first-time yoga student recollected. “Then the teacher yelled, ‘Chili-pepper pasta,’ and everyone hit the floor.” Sanskrit, the language of yoga, is said to unite sound and meaning; that is, saying the word gives the experience of its meaning. But for the novice yogi (the word for male as well as female practitioners), whose ears need to be tuned to a new frequency, that experience can be as elusive as an overnight parking spot in Manhattan. Thus, chaturanga dandasana (four-legged staff pose, which looks like the bottom of a pushup, your body hovering inches above the floor) might become “chili-pepper pasta” if you’ve got dinner reservations at the latest outpost of the latest fusion craze. And the ear-twisters don’t end there.”

Very much worth a quick read!



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Photo by Maverick Zack

They may not be tech savvy enough to call them podcasts, but these “downloadable audio sessions” are exactly that. Who knew Jivamukti had gone so high-tech! Most of the podcasts are recordings of actual classes and workshops so the content isn’t as engaging as it could be given that it was meant for a live audience.

If you’re fans of the Jiva duo though, I suggest giving them a try.  A perfect to kick-start to your home practice!

On that note, an obvious pointer-> not exactly the kind of content to jazz you up on your commute to work…

Try them here: Jivamukti Audio Sessions


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