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Eco-friendly yoga bag made from pre-consumer T-shirts scraps right here in the USA.

Fits yoga mat, yoga towel, bottle of water, a purse, a phone and keys…! $89.00 – it’s not cheap being green!about_img



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Yoga to kick your asana… claims this new studio —

Free class first-time students only. Print the pass on their website. 269 Elizabeth Street on Houston.


Straight from their website:

“The Fierce Club is a yoga studio, event space and all-around life transforming destination in the midst of SoHo, New York City. Our main style is Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga, created by co-owners Sadie Nardini and Shannon Connell. Our cutting edge yoga, which is designed to give you a 90-minute gym-strength, cardio and muscle-sculpting workout in just 60 minutes, we’re real, and use real life as our classroom.

Named “One of the Top 10 Ways to Change Your Life” and “Calorie-torchers” by New york Magazine, our signature Power Hour classes will give you all the benefits of most other styles’ 90 minute sessions…in only one hour! Great for multi-taskers and busy people who want the full mind/body workout, without spending hours at the studio or gym.

We also offer events by well-known authors, lecturers and teachers from all across the country. Whatever you do at The Fierce Club, it will expand you body, mind and heart…and rock your world.”

What would Chirstian Siriano have to say…?

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Just heard about this teacher training program through Urban Zen feaeturing Rodney Yee.

The Urban Zen Yoga Teacher Training Program is an in-depth 200-hour yoga teacher training program that can be completed on its own or taken as a suggested pre-requisite for the Urban Zen Integrative Therapist program. This program begins March 13, 2009, in New York City, and will run through September 2009, one weekend a month, with a break in July.

News to me, the Urban Zen was founded by Donna Karan to create awareness in areas of well-being, preserving cultures and empowering children.  Check it out at www.urbanzen.org.

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01yoga2007So a while back I bought myself a standard pair of black Hard Tail yoga pants. Nothing special. I got them at a YogaWorks on the UWS and because I already own a few pair I didn’t bother trying them on or anything but my last pair had faded and grown holes thanks to the notoriously crappy coin operated washing machines of Manhattan apartment buildings. Anyway they ended up sitting in my bureau just long enough for me to lose the receipt.  When I finally did throw them on I noticed that one leg was noticeably shorter than the other! I thought maybe it was me – could I possibly be a bit lopsided? No – it’s not me.  When I took them off after my class and folded them over it looked like the manufacturers must have paired an XS leg with a S leg or something cause there was a clear difference.

So you may know where this is going. YogaWorks as a retailer obviously couldn’t take them back without the receipt but I couldn’t continue ignoring the situation – as embarrassing as it looked it was actually just uncomfortable!  I called Hard Tail directly from the # listed on their site and spoke to a woman who said she’d help me – just e-mail her.  I’ve e-mailed twice and called a second time as well and NOTHING. No one’s gotten back to me – not even to acknowledge the defect.

As someone who works in consumer goods I know what good Customer Service is as rare as it may be.  This is terrible customer service and they’ve officially lost my business.

Take heed when buying in the future – – any recos for great yoga pants?


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…are left to sign up for Om La La’s Vinyasa Yoga Retreat in the Berkshires.  Enrollment is open only until October 7th, so reserve your spot now!

Visit us at www.omlalayoga.com to learn more about the details of the weekend or visit the Porches Inn website direct www.porches.com.

Only $500 $400 (NEW REDUCED PRICE) per person- includes, 2 nights accommodation, 5 meals and 4 yoga classes!


Friday Evening:
5:00-8:00 pm: Arrive at The Porches Inn
7:00-8:00 pm: Candlelight Flow
8:30-10:00pm Light Dinner Around the Fireplace

7:00-8:30 am Light and Healthy Continental Breakfast
10:00-11:30 am Yoga Flow
12:30-1:30 pm Lunch of Healthy Salads and Sandwiches
1:30-6:00 pm Free Time: Town Visits, Mass MoCA, Hot Tub, Swim, Sauna
6:30-7:45 Yoga Jam
8:30 pm- Dinner in Town

7:00-8:30 am Light and Healthy Continental Breakfast
10:00-11:30 am Yoga Flow
11:30-12:30 pm Pack up
12:30-1:30 pm Lunch of Healthy Salads and Sandwiches
2:00 pm Check Out

Porches is located in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts, in the city of North Adams just off the Mohawk Trail. The renowned Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (known as MASS MoCA) is only a few steps away. Along with everything you’ve come to expect at an Inn from bathrobes to high spped connection, Porches also has a year round lap pool with heated deck and a hot tub. Building 7 – the space Om La La will use for yoga instruction also houses changing rooms, showers and a sauna.  If that isn’t enough to interest you there are a lot of nearby walks and hikes as well as great restaurants in town.

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Big Announcement!

Om La La is holding our first retreat this fall and we want you to join us!

Here is the lowdown:

November 7-9 at the Porches Inn in the Berkshires

Expect a lot of fun, some hard, sweaty practices to banging music, healthful, vegetarian food, a fun mix of people, and a chill way to wind down from your week!  You don’t need to take off time from work, transportation is easy, and the fall foliage will be out in full force!

Check out our site omlalayoga.com to check out the itinerary, our philosophy, and details regarding the trip!  More details will follow, but we want to see who’s interested, so please, send us a note to let us know if you want in!

-Britt & Eliza

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So this is a bit of a personal post- but I think it might have some value as I think a lot of people are dealing with the same issues.

I full on BATTLE with my weight. I gain it very, very easily and unfortunately like to eat and have no self control. Granted, I’m not overweight and I work out every single day of my life, I take the stairs, I walk places whenever possible- but regardless…I’m no skinny New Yorker.

I’m a pescetarian…I eat fish, but you won’t really ever see me eating chicken and will never see me eat red meat or pork. I hate when yoga teachers preach about eating habits- I don’t think that’s their place. I was once in a class right before Thanksgiving where the teacher said, “You know how people wish each other ‘Happy Turkey Day’? WELL- it most certainly is NOT a happy day for the turkey.” I thought it was a bit much. But the other part of yoga is being conscious and part of that is eating consciously as well and I acknowledge that- its something I wish I was better at. And in my own heart, I know that eating locally and mostly vegetarian is better for the planet, which is part of why I eat the way I do now as well.

So I’ve done the juice cleanse thing twice before (Liza posted one that Prana is holding below). Blueprint Juice Cleanse is a great service if you want to try it- they deliver everything you need, all your juices, aren’t crazy expensive, have different levels for cleansing, and their juice tastes good! I’ve always done the 3 day cleanse, but you can do shorter or longer if you want. I’ve done the first and second levels, which aren’t THAT much different, although the first one has less “green” drinks so it tastes a little better. The thing with Blueprint is that although you aren’t chewing food, you are still consuming a fair amount of calories, so you never are hungry or anything like that. In fact, you drink 6 different juices throughout the day with tea and water inbetween, so you are constantly sipping something. Ya you do lose a little weight, but more importantly you give your body a break and are only putting really pure nutrients in your body, so you feel good at the end of your cleanse.

I’ve also tried the raw vegan thing…so raw fruits, veggies and nuts. I lasted about 3 or 4 days on this and did not feel good…will not go into details, but my body did not dig it. You’re eating harsh food to a certain extent…natural yes, but things your body still needs to really break down. Plus I think I relied on nuts too much…maybe it needs to be tried again.

SO! In an attempt to once again get back to being healthy, maybe lose a couple pounds (I’m changing lots of things in my life-might as well add another one on the list), I’m going to try to eat consciously. What does that mean? I’m laying off the sugar, going light on breads and pastas- and when I do eat them, they need to be whole grain (which I already do already) and small portions, and I’m going light on dairy…that means cutting back on my Greek yogurt addiction.

A person who is new to yoga asked my advice on getting into practicing. The good and bad thing about yoga is that is makes us hyper-aware of our bodies. You feel everything and if you didn’t notice the extra couple pounds you may have put on, you will when you twist, when you stand, when you whatever. And sadly, I know that when I am a skinny binny, yoga is a whole lot easier to do. Think about the weight that is in your arms in a handstand…if you’re five pounds heavier than you were a year ago, believe me you, your arms will feel that! So this girl that was asking me advice and telling me about her experiences is a little overweight, and I know, from experience, that sucks. So- I don’t know what I’m saying- I don’t think that we as yogis should obsess over every pound, but we should be aware of what we put into our bodies. I’m trying to and will continue to falter (I love me some baaaaad for you candy), but maybe, just maybe, will try to think of side crow with a belly when I’m going for the 3rd bowl of cereal. 😉


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